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Precision Masking

ABQ Manufacturing has been offering Precision Masking since 1996. Having applied powder coating to thousands of parts that require masking, our experienced team has perfected the process, becoming experts at it.

What is Precision Masking?

ABQ Manufacturing can precisely mask your parts as part of our powder coating services.
Precision masking is the process through which a specific area of a part is “masked off”, or protected, from the finishing process. Applying powder coatings often requires a masking step to prevent coating deposits on specific surfaces. For example, sometimes the mating surfaces of two parts need to be masked for grounding purposes or for bearing surfaces. Threaded holes or bolts need to be masked to prevent powder coating from filling the threads. Sometimes there are creative reasons for masking, as well. 

What types of materials are used?
We use high-temperature tape, capable of withstanding 400° F. We also use custom-cut silicon rubber masks, sleeves and caps to mask threads, as well as plugs to block holes. We have in-house capability to design and cut high-temperature tape in custom shapes to suit your job.

What are the benefits of having ABQ Manufacturing process your parts?
We not only handle your product with care and ensure that the job is done correctly but also make sure to get your piece back to you in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on a very personalized service, preferring to do a first article as a proof, to troubleshoot it and get your verification that the masking meets your expectations. Adept at communicating with engineers, we understand what they want to achieve, allowing us to match strict specifications and help find solutions. It is our pleasure to discuss your powder coating and precision masking needs with you, just give us a call!

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